EN-ISO Homologations for Road marking products in Europe
Veluvine is both an EN-ISO 9001 and EN-ISO 14001 certified. 
The company aims for and achieves the highest quality levels of production, development and distribution of road marking products. 

Veluvine has initiated an integrated Quality Manual which details the quality, environmental and manufacturing systems employed. This ensures that first class quality products can be guaranteed and maintained at all times. 
Further information is available upon request. 

  • ISO
  • EN 1436 NORM
  • Requirements for road marking products 
  • Whiteness (L/F)/Daytime-visibility 
  • Nighttime-visibility 
  • Skid-resistance 
  • EN 1824 NORM
  • Test procedures for road marking
  • Durability 

Veluvine has obtained the required homologations, road certificates and approvals for both hot and cold applied road marking materials in many different countries worldwide. These products are tested annually in the relevant countries through road trials or authorized laboratory testing.

Netherlands KIWA
Germany BAST
Belgium ATG