Veluvine was established in 1895 in Nunspeet, a local town in “the Veluwe” in The Netherlands. With machinery, production, transportation and administration functions “in – house” Veluvine was a well known and respected company.

In 1974 Veluvine was acquired by Wagemakers a well established paint manufacturer in The Netherlands.

In 1989 Veluvine built an entirely new plant with highly sophisticated and automatic production facilities for the manufacture of cold paint, thermoplastic and two component cold plastic products. There was substantial investment in a highly capable quality control department, indoor whare housing and ten underground solvent tanks of 20,000 litres capacity.

In 2002 Veluvine invested in a new automated process to improve and increase production capacity. Quality, sustainability, and the environment are concerns which underpin Veluvine’s focus, whilst at the same time working to achieve innovation in the field of road marking products.

Since 2005, Veluvine has been a subsidiary company of the French Aximum Group, who in turn are part of the French stock exchange listed company Bouygues, one of the world’s largest civil engineering and construction companies.

Further investment in 2011 saw a totally new raw materials transport system for paint and two / three component cold plastic production. This process makes it possible to reduce internal handling by blowing raw materials over the factory roof to the appropriate dissolvers. This investment has reduced internal transport and  raw materials handling by the labour force and increased production capacity.