About Veluvine

About Veluvine

Veluvine B.V. is a market leader in the manufacture of road / highway and airfield marking products with its own integrated production and development capabilities. With a highly sophisticated laboratory facility Veluvine can provide a suitable solution for every road marking problem.

Veluvine differentiates itself from other road marking materials manufacturers by providing extensive product knowledge and after sales service to create long lasting relationships with their customers. This added value, combined with innovation and product development are key elements in Veluvine’s aims and objectives.

65% of production is destined for export markets over five continents, with 35 % of production goes to satisfy the demands of the domestic market in The Netherlands.

Veluvine endeavours to develop an environmentally friendly and low labour intensive product range which excludes environmentally harmful and health hazard raw materials.

Veluvine is a company in the Breda area that has been given the status of being a sustainable company in accordance with the qualifying regulations imposed.

Veluvine has an extensive and broad based product portfolio with products approved by certified authorities both in and outside The Netherlands.

The comprehensive product range consists of hot applied thermoplastic , cold applied solvent / water based paint and two / three component cold plastic products.

Specialist products are also available upon request.

The products are used for marking a wide variety of applications such as roads, highways, airfields, bus/cycle lanes, parking lots, factory floors and sport and leisure facilities.

Veluvine has a very loyal, knowledgeable and committed workforce and over a considerable period of time Veluvine has built up strong partnerships with customers, raw materials suppliers, local governments and Ministries.